The Eagle Mountain Nature and Wildlife Alliance

We are a charitable and educational nonprofit organization under IRS section 501(c)(3).

We meet with landowners, developers, city staff, local, state and national elected officials to establish relationships of trust between landowners, developers, and the Eagle Mountain City staff and elected officials. We then propose solutions to all parties that will provide native habitat and migration corridors for wildlife that currently or historically have used the area. Those solutions may include compatible secondary uses in non-sensitive areas.

We raise funds to assist with land preservation, habitat restoration, and facilitating wildlife movement to minimize or prevent negative human-wildlife interactions.

We work with potential developers and local planning and zoning commissions to provide input into projects or proposals that could have an impact on natural vegetation or wildlife to protect the interests of the natural environment balanced with the development needs and business interests of the developers and citizens.

We also provide educational and community engagement activities to inform citizens of the natural history of the area, provide opportunities for service such as habitat restoration or cleanup, and provide instruction to potential developers.

Voting Members and Officers of the Board of Directors

Bettina Cameron, President

Bettina is a co-founder of the Eagle Mountain Nature and Wildlife Alliance.  She was brought up in Upstate NY, in an area surrounded by farms, woods, and wildlife.  Bettina’s love for nature and animals started as a child.  She spent countless hours outdoors with their numerous pets and wildlife.  Wild birds would land on her while she filled the birdfeeders.  She could even feed the squirrels and rabbits out of her hands. 

While earning her Bachelor’s Degree, Bettina joined the NY Air National Guard, initially as an enlisted servicemember.  After earning her commission, Bettina became a KC-135 Air Refueling Pilot.  While deployed overseas to support Operation Enduring Freedom, she met her husband.  When Bettina retired, they moved to Utah, where her husband is from, to raise their family.

Presently, Bettina and her family live in a subdivision adjacent to the Eagle Mountain Wildlife Corridor and are surrounded by nature.  She is passionate about preserving our open spaces and wildlife for future generations to enjoy.  Bettina is a known problem solver and believes in serving her community.

Chad Welch, Vice President

Chad has a love of all things natural and has spent decades involved in community science and educational outreach opportunities through his philanthropic work with the Natural History Museum of Utah, Hawkwatch International, the Eagle Mountain Kestrel Project and other organizations.

He is a certified Project WILD educator and has taught small groups about nature found all around us and led bioblitzes and other surveys to document what organisms are in an area.

Chad has a degree in chemistry and spends most days in a semiconductor factory daydreaming about being outdoors. On his days off, he loves wandering trails in the deserts or mountains of Utah. He always has binoculars in his vehicle and is known to pull to the side of the road just because he spotted a hawk or eagle.

Chad, his wife, April, and their 4 kids moved to Cedar Valley in 2006 in an area that was unincorporated at the time. His home and surrounding areas was later officially incorporated into Eagle Mountain as part of the Pole Canyon annexation.

Kevin Burningham – Secretary

Kevin is a cofounder of the Eagle Mountain Nature and Wildlife Alliance. He was born and raised in Utah County and spent many memorable moments with his family in Cedar Valley during his youth. He graduated from American Fork Highschool. He served as an EMT/First Responder in the Lehi Fire Department and served 23 years in the Air National Guard. He was activated and served during Desert Shield and Desert Storm. He served in the 151st Air Refueling Wing in Aircraft Crash and Rescue. He retired from Chevron Oil. He worked 25 years at the Salt Lake Refinery. He spent his last 10 years in Kazakhstan as lead operations consultant of new plant construction to ensure safe and environmentally safe operation.

Kevin is an avid horseman and lover of nature and the outdoors. He and his wife have lived in Eagle Mountain since 1998. Their home is situated in an area now recognized as the Eagle Mountain Wildlife Corridor. It was their observation of the wildlife in this area and witnessing the habitat being lost to development that prompted him to become an advocate for preservation of the wildlife corridor.

Marian Burningham – Treasurer

Marian is a cofounder of the Eagle Mountain Nature and Wildlife Alliance. She has lived with her husband, Kevin, and raised their six children in Eagle Mountain, Utah, since 1998. Their home is situated adjacent to the major mule deer migratory pathway through Eagle Mountain. Observing the landscape and the animals who inhabit it, inspired her and Kevin to act to preserve as much of it as possible.

She grew up in rural Southern Utah. She was raised enjoying the outdoors and respecting the wildlife and the natural environment. She is a former manager of new product development for a well-known herbal company and has traveled to many countries in her searches for plants with medicinal benefits. She has also worked as an independent consultant in the natural products industry and has published a report on one of these most important medicinal plant expeditions to Vietnam [The Commercial Use of Biodiversity, 1999, with Sarah A Laird, eBook ISBN9780429341540.].

Rey Kifuri – Social Media Director

Rey discovered her love for birds of prey when an American Kestrel landed on the roof of her home, opening her eyes to the wildlife around her. 

Originally from Texas, she’s lived in Eagle Mountain since 2015 and spends her free time exploring the American West, where she photographs wildlife like Great Horned Owls, Red-tailed Hawks, and Golden Eagles.

Outside of her work as a Videographer, she volunteers with the Eagle Mountain Nature & Wildlife Alliance, Hawkwatch International, and other organizations to contribute to conservation efforts. 

She’s helped promote educational events, fundraisers, and habitat restoration projects to protect the local environment and wildlife. For Rey, birds hold a special place in her heart and bring her peace. Through her photography and volunteering, she hopes to inspire others to appreciate and protect nature.

The Eagle Mountain Nature and Wildlife Alliance was formed in 2022 by the following founding board members:

  • Marian Burningham
  • Kevin Burningham
  • Bettina Cameron
  • Shon Reed*
  • Trista Torson*
  • Chad Welch

*Currently participating on the board of directors as a non-voting member