To request additional information, please contact the Board 385-375-9197.
To apply, no later than 03/22/2024  send an email with your CV and relevant biographical data to Interviews will be conducted on 03/26/2024. 

About the Position: 
This is an extraordinary opportunity for an individual who is passionate about EMNWA’s mission and who has a record of accomplished leadership. Selected Board Members will have achieved leadership stature and competency in their community, business, government, education, philanthropy, social organizations, or the nonprofit sector.

As a Board Member, you will play a crucial role in strategic governance, mission-based leadership, and hands-on project management. Our organization is at a pivotal growth stage, offering you the chance to shape our future and contribute to day-to-day operations.

The Board supports the work of EMNWA and provides mission-based leadership and strategic governance. Because the Alliance is new and has no hired staff to support its work, the Board members also carry out the day-to-day operations. This will change as the Alliance matures and expands.

Specific Board Member responsibilities include

  • Reviewing agendas and supporting materials prior to board and committee meetings. 
  • Developing and approving The Alliance’s annual budget, audit reports, and material business decisions.
  • Keeping informed of and meeting all legal and fiduciary responsibilities.
  • When needed, assisting the Board in finding and recruiting other Board Members. 
  • Partnering with other Board Members to ensure that Board resolutions are carried out. 
  • Serving on and directing committees or task forces and taking on special assignments. 
  • Acting as an ambassador for EMNWA in the community and state, standing for its programs and goals.
  • Attendance and participation in educational events, volunteer activities, and community celebrations.
  • Setting annual goals and objectives consistent with our mission.
  • Creating and planning mission critical projects.
  • Performing specific tasks as needed for project success.
  • Contributing written articles for The Alliance’s newsletters and other communication vehicles.
  • Composing internal and external correspondence.
  • Attending local government meetings when items affecting our mission are on the agenda and speaking at these meetings when necessary.
  • Collaborating with city, state, and federal agencies and their representatives to further our mission and goals.

Board Terms and Participation:

  • Board members serve a term of three years and may serve consecutive terms upon reelection.
  • Board members attend the annual meeting and in-person monthly Board meetings. Virtual meetings are held via Microsoft Teams on an as-needed basis to plan and execute projects, and activities, and review Board business. There may be times meetings may occasionally require 1-2 hours per week. Occasional project assignments for which you volunteer could require an additional 2-3 hours per week. Some community events and volunteer projects take place on weekday evenings or weekends, and Board members should plan to regularly attend. 


  • Individuals with a profound passion for our mission.
  • Leadership experience in any sector, equipped with diplomatic skills and a knack for building consensus.
  • Eagerness to engage in diverse tasks, from strategic planning to community outreach.
  • Proficiency in (or willingness to learn) Microsoft Suite and other relevant skills.
  • Personal qualities of reliability, integrity, and credibility.


  • Because The Alliance is a newly formed and small nonprofit with no staff, Board members must have a strong willingness to take on tasks and learn or have at least basic skills and understanding in the following areas:.
  • Creative thinking and problem solving.
  • A willingness to take on all levels of tasks to meet our objectives.
  • Ability to deliver tangible results on a stated deadline.
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks and projects simultaneously.
  • Expertise and experience in relevant hobbies or professional activities such as photography, botany, conservation, ecology, writing/reporting, law, research, accounting, public speaking, web engineering and design.
  • Desktop publishing, etc., would be a bonus.
  • Confident and polished public speaking in civic and educational meetings.

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