selective focus photograph of a golden eagle
Photo by Francesco Altamura on

The golden eagle is the most common eagle in Eagle Mountain. There is only one other species of eagle native to the United States: the bald eagle.

Golden eagles are large birds of prey with a wingspan of 6-7.5 feet. Like most birds of prey, the females are larger than the males, but other than size, the sex cannot be distinguished in the field. They are dark brown with lighter, golden-brown feathers on the back of their head or nape, which is where they get their name from.

Their preferred prey of choice around Eagle Mountain is jackrabbit, and they will happily eat other mammals such as rabbits, ground squirrels and the like.

They typically build nests on cliffsides and the females lay up to 4 eggs per year. Golden eagles are usually monogamous and pairs may remain together for several years or even for life.

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